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Hola Palms Lifestyle | Issue Two

Hola Palms Blueys Beach NSW

Destination North Coast and Destination NSW recently released the Annual Value of Tourism Report that revealed two very significant and exciting things that Hola Palms has the pleasure of contributing to, and continues to help grow through hosting visitors in our homes and curating the best possible experiences to our guests;

  1. The North Coast is the number one regional destination in NSW

  2. The Barrington Coast is the number one destination within the region with the highest visitor numbers and expenditure!


Business update

I love the community summer time buzz and the peak season is well underway! It takes a full 'off' season to prepare for the 'on' season maintaining, organising, detailing, refining, promoting, cleaning, repairing and upgrading to hit the ground running. A day in the life of Hola Palms coming up next...

Keep up to date with the Hola Palms Instagram over the summer season which will highlight hot off the press pop up events, food and the best places to be, as well as many turquoise blue hue beach day updates for those watching and day dreaming from afar ;)

Our concierge service continues to expand and this summer - Hola Palms guests are being offered luxe, bespoke private in-home services like massage, body & beauty treatments, yoga, paint & sip classes and kids acting and improvisation classes.

The Hola Shop is now live to wear | gift | love.

Wishing you all a healthy, sunshiny, happy and safe festive season, Ange x



On the back of Boomerang Beach being voted number two best beach in Australia this year, I leveraged some media and PR connections to establish our spot within this significant announcement. It was a pleasure to host travel writer, Megan Arkinstall at Mahalo Boomerang Beach and share with her the Hola Palms Local Guide curated to our guests; sharing our favourite places, eats and drinks. Megan produced the below three online articles for Australian Traveller, as well as a print feature in the May edition of the magazine.


Meet Millie from Tamboon Leather Co.

Founded in 2014 by Amelia Harvey, Tamboon Leather Co harmonises slow fashion, simplified living, and the sentimental value of pieces that will last a lifetime.

“My love for the natural elements found across our Australian landscape is the core inspiration for my brands' aesthetic”.

Within the scope of Tamboon Leather Co Custom projects, Millie Specialises in producing high quality leather goods for boutique accommodation, hotel + lodging, cafes + restaurants.

With a background in Product Design and Development, she works with you from your initial concept, to your final product. All fabrication is by hand, and by her. She hand selects all leather from Australian based suppliers and the entire custom process is completely unique to you and your brief.

This has seen Millie producing Hola Palms custom property Guest Guides, as well as our very own merchandise tote bags and hats with branded Hola Palms leather badges.

How did you start your Business, and where did the name Tamboon Leather Co originate?

This is one of Millie’s favourite questions to answer. It’s incredibly unique. Just like her work. The story of her business and why she works with leather is so tightly intwined within the story, that most every time she describes the story, her eyes sparkle with emotion; “Tamboon Leather Co. comes from Tamboon, which was the street that my grandparents, Barry & Gloria lived on; Tamboon Avenue....

”When my mother handed me the most honourable gift, an old brown weathered suitcase containing my late grandfather’s vintage leather tools, original hand drawn templates and a smell of history, I had immediately found my calling. A lover of traditional hand-made products I was yearning to explore leather craft and combine the learnings of my Bachelor of Industrial Design.

Today my atelier is a constant memory of my own family history, combining traditional and modern techniques to retain a common truth, the unique imprint and feeling each piece provides when held. Like my grandfather’s tools, I wish each of the Tamboon Leather products be passed on from generation to generation.

A note from Millie about Hola Palms:

Angelique & I have been working together for roughly 2 years. She approached me via a mutual friend to assist her in creating some pieces for her elite portfolio of clients (88SOUTH Boomerang was the first!) I’m super grateful to have an ongoing relationship with Hola Palms, The best Holiday Property management company in Pacific Palms! Angelique is such a pleasure to create for, and I can’t wait to see her business grow even further.

Thank you, Ange, for entrusting me to enhance the experience of your customers. I hope to collaborate in the future with you on new projects, and potentially, even hosting a leather workshop together at one of the many stunning properties managed by you. Congratulations on building your brand to what it is today x


Our favourite sunset spot? Lakeside at The Recky. Preferably with wine & Wallis Lake oysters.


Cleaning hack -1 part fabric softener, 4 parts water into a spray bottle to refresh your linen, lounge and carpets (and remove crinkles).


Where: Mountain View Farm, 111 Bunyarra Place, Hillville

When: Saturday 30 December & Saturday 6 January 8.00am - 1.00pm

Where: Palms Recky

When: Sunday 31 December 2023 4.00pm

Where: Palms Recky

When: All summer holidays

Where: Palms Recky

When: Tuesday 9 January 2024 6.30pm

Where: Palms Recky

When: Sunday 14 January 2024 4.00pm

Where: Palms Recky

When: Sunday 28 January 2024 6.15pm

Pacific Palms Markets

Where: Palms Community Centre

When: 31 Dec, 14 & 28 Jan 8.00am - 1.00pm

Fill your calendar up with local community events this Summer!


Aperol Spritz

  • Aperol

  • Prosecco

  • Soda water

  • Slice of orange

  • Lots of ice

  • Stir

  • Impress your guests; add a sprig of aromatic rosemary



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