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Hola Palms Lifestyle | Issue One

Bluey Beach

88SOUTH, Boomerang Beach was the very first home to join the Hola portfolio, and a catalyst to the direction I have been able to take my business.

Rewind to January 2021, I was half way through my third and final 14-night stint of enforced hotel quarantine in Sydney (yes, I spent 42 nights locked in a Sydney hotel room during peak COVID-19 days and didn’t even hate it!).

I had been working for almost 10 years on luxury private super yachts all over the world which was a fly in / fly out job with lots of holiday perks bringing me back home to Australia every few months. Just like Covid throwing a spanner in everyone’s works, I had to complete the quarantine on three separate occasions in Sydney which was a complete blessing of forced time to establish Hola without distraction, and my feet back on Aussie soil.

Flying in from Miami, I spent quarantine weeks 1 and 2 (at The Intercontinental) building the business plan, manifesting what my life would look like back home, researching the model of how I would operate and revisiting a university project from 12 years prior of scope and scale and probability and success. I got out of the hotel, went home for a lock down holiday and flew back to work, this time back to Miami.

3 months later, I was back for my second stint, weeks 3 and 4 of quarantine (Sheridan on the Park). This time I dove into establishing my brand–at this time I had flown in from a lengthy stint being based in Mexico on the yacht, hence the Spanish inspiration behind the name Hola (hello) Palms was born.

I worked with Rachael Turner Branding on my concepts and design suite, registered my business name, domain name, applied for an ABN, opened a bank account, created social media profiles, caught up on 10 years’ worth of life admin, got out of the hotel, had a holiday at home in lock down once again and flew back to work. This time Italy.

Another 3 months went by and I was back in my third hotel (Park Royal Darling Harbour) for weeks 5 and 6 of quarantine, flying in from the Bahamas. This time I had resigned from my job and I knew I was going to stay home forever. I pulled everything together from the previous weeks of quarantine admin time, spent hours on YouTube learning how to build a website and launched Hola Palms on day 7 of my final 14.

I had a website (very rough and I have had a lot of professional help since), launched my social media, had the biggest dream and plan and idea of how and what I was going to offer, all without one single home to profile.

On day 8, which I still think by miracle or universe power, or just really hard work and commitment, the brand-new owner of 88south phoned. It was a pinch me moment and the rest is history. I had my first home on the books and possibly one of the most exclusive of the area. This home set my brand to what I was always hoping to achieve, delivering the most exceptional service to owners and guests and maintaining these homes to the highest standard.



Proudest moment so far on this journey?

Hosting Vogue Living at 88south within three months of moving back to Australia and starting Hola Palms. I haven’t looked back once since. There has been a lifetime of lessons learnt, hoops to jump, problems to solve and not enough hours in the day ever and I have never been more content or happier with where I know I’m meant to be, right here at home doing what I love.


Business update

Whilst the cooler months are typically slower in visitation, I’m using the season to ramp up business and professional development and am grateful for the NSW Government initiative giving fully subsidised advisory access to female business owners to achieve business success through online tools to build knowledge and confidence, practical workshops covering key business areas and one on one targeted support advisory.

Right now, in NSW there are 800,000 small businesses. That’s 98% of all businesses in the state and only 33% of these are run by women!

It is with huge pleasure that I have announced this month, platinum sponsorship to a newly established local initiative; She Speaks Business – empowering women in business through growth, collaboration and support.

I’m sponsoring the networking launch event in October that aims to bring local women of business together to share inspiring stories from guest speakers, learn important strategies to excel and provide confidence for career growth. I look forward to sharing more of the day with you.

Lastly, Hola’s hottest tip-book your summer holidays now! It’s looking hot and it’s filling fast!


Meet Rachael Turner Branding | Among the Palms Aus

Rachael is a powerhouse, driven by her passion for property design and creating impactful branding for businesses. As the owner and operator of Among the Palms Aus, she specialises in crafting bespoke brand identities tailored to the holiday property market, both locally in Australia and internationally.

With a solid background in advertising and years of expertise in building brands for corporate and small businesses, Rachael's journey has been an organic one, guiding her with a natural inclination towards the holiday property industry. Her extensive experience working with luxurious holiday homes has been a game-changer for these properties, enabling them to carve out their place in the competitive market. Rachael's objective has always been to develop exceptional brands that elevate positive experiences and exceed expectations for both holiday property owners and their esteemed guests.

Rachael's expertise spans strategic print and digital branding, complemented by savvy social media marketing techniques, all aimed at creating an authentic and enticing profile for each unique home. Her commitment to excellence shines through in every project, and she takes pride in shaping remarkable brands that truly reflect the essence of each property. "I have had the absolute pleasure of collaborating closely with Ange at Hola Palms, and our partnership has been nothing short of dynamic. Together, we've embarked on a creative journey, crafting exceptional brand identities, compendiums, floor plans, signage, and an adverse range of digital and print designs for her esteemed Holiday Management Business and the remarkable portfolio of homes under the Hola Palms banner."

Why is a Visual Identity so important?

"I cannot emphasise enough the profound significance of a captivating visual identity for a holiday property. It serves as the cornerstone of a property's unique brand story, forging emotional connections with potential guests and setting it apart from competitors. Through a meticulously designed visual identity, comprising a distinct logo, harmonious colour palette, and cohesive brand elements, the property exudes professionalism and attention to detail, engendering trust and confidence in the minds of prospective guests. This powerful first impression extends its reach across various touch-points, from social media design to print materials, seamlessly immersing guests in a delightful journey of anticipation and excitement. By conveying the property's personality and charm through these visual cues, it nurtures enduring relationships with guests, encouraging their return and cultivating loyal advocates for the exceptional experience the holiday property offers."- Rachael

A note from Rachael about Hola Palms:

Ange and I share a long-standing connection that stretches back to our days growing up in Pacific Palms. Interestingly, on a few occasions I had the pleasure of being her babysitter, though it took us quite some time to realise this delightful coincidence! Our paths have followed a similar trajectory, taking us away from the area for many years, only to serendipitously reunite in 2021 when Ange approached me with her ambitious business dream, seeking my expertise in branding. This moment was filled with excitement and fulfilment, and I couldn't wait to embark on this journey with her while she was still living and working abroad. I distinctly remember our initial consultation call, where Ange informed me that it was 1 am in Italy, yet she was brimming with excitement about her business idea that would eventually lead her back to our beloved home. It has been an absolute joy to witness the birth and growth of Hola Palms from its inception, and our friendship has blossomed along the way. We now find ourselves in frequent communication, discussing both business matters and personal experiences, eagerly anticipating our next wine date.

The journey with Ange and Hola Palms has been both professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling, creating lasting memories and a bond that continues to strengthen. I am beyond proud of Ange and the incredible brand she has built. So inspiring x



Whale season - Humpback highway is open!

Our favourite viewing spot: Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse, Seal Rocks


Hola Hack – do you need some style inspo? Browse the paint isle of Bunnings and create your dream palette with colour cards.


Where: Bungwahl Hall, all ages

When: Saturday 16 September 2023 5.00pm

Where: Pacific Palms Sports Field

When: Sunday 17 September 2023 4.00pm

Where: Palms Recky, all ages.

When: Sunday 24 September 2023 2.00pm

Where: Palms Community Centre

When: Sunday 24 September 2023 9.00am

Fill your calendar up with local community events this Spring!


Spicy Margarita

  • 50ml tequila (Blanco works best)

  • 30ml freshly squeezed lime juice

  • 30ml light agave syrup

  • 5 thin slices of fresh jalapeño

  • Shake with ice until your hands freeze

  • Impress your guests; use smoked sea salt to rim a half section of the glass



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Sep 02, 2023

What a fantastic read, I love the layout and of course the 'Hola Happy Hour' Spicy Marg!


Sep 01, 2023

This is all so incredible Ange! I am so excited to read the next one. Thank you again for featuring me xx

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